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Sony Middle East and Africa FZE based in Dubai signed a partnership contract with Poulina Group Holding based in Tunis to promote its latest range signed Sony including BRAVIA televisions, home audio systems and video technologies. 15 new TV models and 15 home audio and video products were revealed at the annual dealer event organized by Poulina Group as part of Sony’s strategic plans to expand its presence in the Tunisian market.

"Sony is very pleased to partner with Poulina Group Holding, one of the best companies in Tunisia with a strong reputation in manufacturing, distribution and marketing," said Takakiyo Fujita, Managing Director of Sony Middle East and Africa. With this partnership, we are ready to introduce the latest Sony products in Tunisia coinciding with their worldwide launch. "

“We are always working to introduce products that will meet the demands or even exceed the expectations of our customers. We are launching today on the Tunisian market, at competitive prices, a new range of televisions and audio video products signed Sony using Japanese advanced technologies. 11 after-sales service centers managed by Poulina Group and located across the country will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction ”, adds Mohamed Ben Amor, Managing Director of GAN Distribution, a subsidiary of Poulina Group Holding.

The latest BRAVIA range of TVs introduced to the market brings together 32 ”Full HD TVs and 85” 4K HDR TVs with Smart Android functionality. To this range of televisions are added home audio and video products under the categories of Home Theater, Sound Bars, and High-Power Audio Systems.

Cutting-edge technologies that make all the difference:

Sony TVs are developed using innovative technologies that make them pioneering products on the market. Among the most important features is the high-contrast 4K HDR image quality acquired by combining several unique Sony technologies, including the even more immersive “Sound-from-Picture Reality ™” visual experience and familiar functionality. of Android.

These TVs are equipped with an X1 ™ 4K HDR image processor that gives you a more immersive experience and natural textures and colors optimized using Object-based HDR remaster technology, including the TRILUMINOS ™ screen. offering a wide range of purer colors.

This range of televisions offers you another equally important functionality represented in Acoustic Multi-Audio ™ technology thanks to the four front speakers and the tweeters that control the sound position ensuring a unique Sound-From-Picture Reality visual experience. As for Dolby Vision ™ technology, it brings your images to life for an authentic visual experience while the Dolby Atmos solution will fill your living room with impressive surround sound.

These Sony TVs use the Android OS operating system with the voice search function in Arabic and 22 different languages ​​to send commands, more easily, to the TV using voice, allowing instant playback of shows, movies, and videos on YouTube and Netflix, and a lot of other content. Thanks to X-Protection PRO technology, Sony TVs are extremely durable and well protected against dust, humidity, electrical overloads and even lightning strikes.

Among the 15 televisions launched in Tunisia, 11 models use 4K HDR technology and 8 others offer Android functionality.

La gamme des produits home audio vidéo de Sony:

La gamme des systèmes home entertainment n’a jamais paru ou résonné aussi magnifique avec Sony. Avec 3 catégories de barres de son – barres de son 5.1 canaux, barres de son 3.1 canal, et systèmes de barres de son d’entrée de gamme, vous pouvez ainsi profiter d’un son captivant, digne d’une salle de cinéma, confortablement installé sur votre canapé.

Au top de la gamme se positionne le modèle HT-S700, un système home theatre moderne 5.1 canaux qui comprend une barre de son 3 canaux, deux enceintes arrière, et un subwoofer externe actif. Avec une puissance de sortie totale de 1000W, Sony vous livre à une expérience authentique de son Surround 5.1 canaux en regardant un film ou écoutant de la musique. Ce système de barres de son est facile à configurer et permet une connexion facile à votre téléviseur via des câbles HDMI. L’une des spécifications les plus remarquantes du modèle HT-S700 est la connexion sans fil avec le périphérique Bluetooth doté de la fonction NFC (connexion une seule touche). Le modèle Sony HT-S700 permet aussi une synchronisation facile avec les téléviseurs BRAVIA en une seule étape. Vous trouverez 5 autres modèles de barres de son disponibles offrant différentes fonctions à des niveaux de prix variés.

Expérience sonore intégrante:

Sony dévoile aussi sa gamme de système audio high power comprenant les modèles MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D MHC-V21D et MHC-V02 qui transforme votre salon en discothèque à l’aide d’un seul boîtier compact et léger. Le boîtier est si léger et portable que vous pouvez l’emmener avec vous là où vous vous installez. La nouvelle gamme regroupe des systèmes audio qui offrent un son riche, qui enveloppe même les plus grandes salles grâce à la fonction son Surround 360°. Chaque système est ainsi doté de tweeters arrière, enceintes angulaires et un générateur de son de grande ampleur.

Illuminez votre soirée grâce aux enceintes offrant un éclairage festif à 360° et ajoutant aux espaces de fête les plus petits une expérience festive inégalée avec de nouveaux lumières de fête plus vastes synchronisant à chaque son et rythme. Les enceintes offrent également des basses longue distance avec la fonction Jet Bass Booster qui génère un son riche et enveloppant grâce au conduit Bass Reflex biseauté minutieusement conçu en forme conique.   

Avec le mode LIVE SOUND (son live), les modèles MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D et MHC-V21D diffusent la musique dans toutes les directions à l’aide de la technologie Digital Signal Processing, produisant un son 3D qui vous immerge dans une ambiance festive inégalée.  Vous pouvez aisément contrôler les enceintes avec un smartphone à travers l’appli Fiestable, qui vous permet de contrôler votre musique facilement.

Sony's range of home audio video products:

The range of home entertainment systems has never seemed or resonated so magnificent with Sony. With 3 categories of sound bars - 5.1 channel sound bars, 3.1 channel sound bars, and entry level sound bar systems, you can enjoy captivating cinema-like sound, comfortably installed on your sofa.

At the top of the range is the HT-S700, a modern 5.1-channel home theater system that includes a 3-channel sound bar, two rear speakers, and an active external subwoofer. With a total output power of 1000W, Sony delivers an authentic 5.1 channel surround sound experience while watching a movie or listening to music. This soundbar system is easy to configure and allows easy connection to your TV via HDMI cables. One of the most remarkable specifications of the HT-S700 is the wireless connection with the Bluetooth device with NFC function (one-touch connection). The Sony HT-S700 model also allows easy synchronization with BRAVIA TVs in one step. You will find 5 other models of sound bars available offering different functions at various price levels.

Integral sound experience:

Sony is also unveiling its range of high power audio systems including the MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D MHC-V21D and MHC-V02 which transforms your living room into a nightclub in one compact and lightweight package. The case is so light and portable that you can take it with you wherever you sit. The new range includes audio systems that offer rich sound, which envelops even the largest rooms thanks to the 360 ​​° surround sound function. Each system is thus equipped with rear tweeters, angular speakers and a large-scale sound generator.

Brighten up your evening thanks to the speakers offering festive 360 ​​° lighting and adding to the smallest party spaces an unequaled festive experience with new larger party lights synchronizing with each sound and rhythm. The loudspeakers also offer long distance bass with the Jet Bass Booster function which generates a rich and enveloping sound thanks to the carefully beveled Bass Reflex conduit designed in a conical shape.

With LIVE SOUND (live sound), the MHC-V82D, MHC-V72D, MHC-V42D and MHC-V21D models stream music in all directions using Digital Signal Processing technology, producing 3D sound that immerses you in an unequaled festive atmosphere. You can easily control the speakers with a smartphone through the Fiestable app, which lets you control your music easily.

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